Look at that cat. Isn't she pretty? 

I've always had cats. They are beautiful creatures with crazy personalities. My cat is called Crystal. It amazes me how one moment she is so clever and the next she can be complete dumbass. She thinks she's a dog and growls whenever someone comes to the door. She will bat a ball back to you with her paw and she frequently runs face first into the patio door if a bird lands in the garden. It's hilarious.

When we got her from the breeder she came back with fleas. Now normally I only get rescue cats, but as we have a little kiddy in the house, rescue centres won't let you take animals because they're scared they'll get sued if the animal bites or scratches the kid. So when our last gorgeous boy cat Charlie died, our only choice was to have no cat (not an option for me) or go to a breeder. So that's what we did. Sadly, as I said, we found she had fleas. We also learned that fleas are a complete bugger to get rid of. In the end we had to get her injected with stuff that makes the flea eggs (larva?!) sterile, or somesuch. Bloody expensive, but effective.

She's a pixiebob.

She's beautiful.


Update: We're finally flea free!

This week, she has caught three spiders (we only know because we find piles of spider legs in strategic places on the carpet... ew), and managed to scare the living shit out of a squirrel that came up to the window. Awesome cat.