I had a great idea for a blog, then something came up, life happened I guess and because I hadn’t written my idea down POOF it was gone. But thanks to my lovely brain, I have this little remnant of a reminder. I remember that I had an idea, I just have no idea what the idea was. It’s like some metaphysical taunting thing that my brain does to me on some subconscious level. No matter how hard I concentrate, the golden nugget of wonder just won’t come back.

Most writers have a sort of love-hate relationship with their brains. Some days your incredible brain gives you oodles of good dialog; it unlocks some great plot or can even come up with an entire epic story concept. Other days you’re lucky if you manage to get your underwear on the right way around. Why is this? Who knows.

What I do know is that I really need to start paying attention when I come up with ideas and no matter what, I need to drop everything and write that shit down, because otherwise my evil little brain will forget all about it then laugh at me while I pitifully attempt to think of it again. If you’re a writer, then I can offer this advice to you to. Whatever it is, no matter how small, write it down.


Write on.