Twelve months ago this website didn't exist.

Twelve months ago, I didn't exist as an actual writer – I was merely a concept, someone who wrote a bit now and then. Now look what’s happened.

It’s strange the twists and turns life throws at you, but it’s true that you get back what you put in. Writing is hard. Writing novels is a commitment and the only person who can truly keep you on track is yourself. Life will get in the way, all day, every day. Distractions, frustrations, setbacks and utter disasters. But like anything, the only way to get through is to push on, carry on regardless. To open up that word document, or scrivener file, or pick up the pen and continue putting words on the page. Some of them suck. Others may be great. Only one thing is for sure, if you don’t write, then you don’t have anything.

In the last year I have written four novels, published one, the others are all in the pipeline. Considering I had no experience of any of this a year ago, I like to think of that as a success. But it doesn’t end here. You want to know the secret? I just kept writing. No matter how tough things got, no matter how much I hated what I had written, no matter how hurt I was when life got me down, the writing remained a consistent occurrence every-single-day.

So if you have something that you want to achieve in the coming year, be it writing or any other endeavour, my only piece of advice is to keep at it, because if you quit then you lose.

Best wishes for 2016

And write on!