Ok, let’s talk erotica.

Book three of the Blood and Destiny series has been ceremoniously shoved in the hands of the publisher.  So, today I’m picking up on my partially written erotica story. It’s a fantasy set in a made up version of the Victorian era in a world called Kienia. We follow Lenora, the Emperor’s wife, as she embarks on a quest to get knocked up after realising her husband is plotting to bump her off because she hasn’t given him a child (of course he doesn’t think for one minute that he could be the problem). Doesn’t sound like a very romantic premise for an erotica story does it?

It’s different, granted, from the myriad of erotica books out there. The knock off versions of 50 Shades, the repeating themes of a dude who suffered some trauma leaving him unable to love until he finds this one special girl and blah blah BORING.

 I wanted (as ever) to write something a little different. A story from the woman’s perspective where sex is arguably, her only tool against oppression. It’s about a young woman learning the boundaries of her sexuality. A woman in a male dominated society where the place of the woman is simply to breed and look pretty. Naturally she is far more than that and so she embarks on a red hot journey to regain control of her life, and along the way lots of hot and horny things will occur to get your blood boiling.

Will it sell well? I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t write to make sales, I just write for the love of it. I also feel it’s good to have a different perspective. The market is flooded with repeating tales because people write what sells. There’s no integrity in that. Did I just say an erotica book can have integrity? Sure, why not?

Am I writing to pleasure myself? (pun intended). Naturally, if one writes a comedy and doesn’t find it funny then it will not be funny. If one writes a drama and doesn’t think it dramatic then it isn’t. So it only makes sense that one should find oneself all hot and bothered when writing an erotica, otherwise you’re doing something wrong.

Underpinning all the sexy scenes my focus is on the two most important elements of any book, character and plot. I’m enjoying writing it and I hope the readers will enjoy it twice as much. Here’s to whatever floats your boat or gets your blood pressure up, and never look down on an erotica novel, they sell well for a reason ;)

Next week I may tease you with a section from the book, but only if you’re good.


Write on!